Your Privacy and Personal Information is of Utmost Importance to Us.


Our payment gateway is 100% safe & secured. We are SSL certified too, ensuring that no intruders can tap into your information.



Facing Problem Checking Out?



Please follow the instructions below:



1. Contact your local bank immediately to release payments for “UAJersey


2. Make sure your account has sufficient funds and do not try more than 3 times within 24 hours or you could be blacklisted by our fraud detection system


3. If your shopping cart consists of multiple items, try breaking them down into smaller purchases.


4. Try another bank card and/or device.


Important notice: You will have to call your bank to approve the transaction for security reasons.


This is because we use an Address Verification Software to ensure the billing address you enter matches the address on file for the credit card. If they do not match, your card will be declined.


Note that if your card has been declined (“card declined”), this does not mean our fraud detector has listed you as a fraud, there’s a strong possibility that your bank has just rejected the release of the purchase.


If the problem persists, feel free to contact our customer support on WhatsApp or Instagram.