We are sports fanatics that have been playing sports ever since we can remember. As sports lovers, jerseys are a paramount addition to our sports collection and memorabilia. However, we all know that the prices for authentic jerseys are through the roof. Hence, we set out on our own journey to figure out why these jerseys are so expensive and how it can be made more affordable.


Through months of research, travelling, and networking, we have concluded that these big brands are limiting their production and high balling their prices. With that being said, through connections built over the years, we have gained access to these factories that produce the same exact quality as authentics.


Ever wanted to own an authentic quality jersey but found it too expensive?


UAJersey now ensures the quality and service of all products at affordable prices! All our products are Unauthorized Authentic (UA), that means made of the same exact materials and stitching/details as retail pieces, just not authentic and/or licensed to manufacture. As huge sports fanatics, we love wearing our jerseys while playing the game, supporting our favorite team and even rocking them out as a fashion statement. Therefore, we have an obsession to details and quality on our products to guarantee that you all will be able to wear them with confidence without getting called out.


We are a team of professionals that value our customers from all over the world.  We will not only make sure that what you see is what you get, but also give you the best customer support and the fastest/safest shipping method. Thus, ensuring you will get your bang for the buck!


We have a 24/5 customer service on Instagram & WhatsApp to assist on any enquiries you may have on our products & services as well as a support team via email to reply to any queries/concerns regarding your order.


Today, we are proud to say that UAJersey is an established company where we manufacture and offer Unauthorized Authentic vintage jerseys and apparel collections at affordable prices for sports lovers. Our office, IFS Digital Hub is based in Malaysia, and we ship from our warehouse in Hong Kong to customers from all around the globe.


IFS Digital Hub Pte LTD

+60 19-781 1022

XG/15 Blok J, Jalan Plumbum X/7X Pusat
Komersial Seksyen 7 40000 Shah Alam



We offer legendary vintage and current jerseys that are the results of fine craftsmanship. Our selections are unmatched and service is unlike any other


We use the same exact materials and have an obsession to detail and quality to guarantee that you will be able to wear them with confidence without getting called out


Our prices are based on cost of production. We manufacture in limited quantities each time for us to maintain the same quality as retails for less than half the price


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